Frequently Asked Questions
What is this site?
GamesCave is a site of streams sharing and online match 1vs1.

The streams are taken directly from the subscribed user's twitch account.

The matches, however, vary depending on the game that is chosen by the two challengers.

Are you just a "passing" user who just loves watching other users play?

Subscribe anyway!

You will earn even just watching the streams!

Is the service free?

How can I register?
On the left sidebar, the user will find "registration".
Once selected, simply enter all the data and confirm by e-mail.
Or you can use social account.

How earn GC coins?
Doing stream: every minute a viewer watch your stream you earn 0.25 GC coin;
Watching stream: every minute you watch a stream on site you earn 1 GC coin;
1vs1 matches: participating in 1vs1 online matches, if you win you earn GC coins but if you are defeated you lose GC coins.

Can I earn from unregistered?

How does the LEVEL UP work?
The user participating in the various tournaments accumulates experience points (EXP).
The level is represented by a green bar, like the classic RPG games!
Once the bar is filled, you go to the next TIER.

How do the prizes and tier sections work?
The TIER is a section where the various prizes are listed according to the user's level.
Each TIER allows you to exchange certain prizes with your GC coins.
The higher the TIER, the more the prizes become important.
It starts from the TIER 5 (up to the highest that is the TIER 1).

How does section 1 VS 1 work?
The registered user chooses the game he wishes to play and waits for the other participant (taken randomly).
Once the match is over, both participants must send a screenshot of the finished game and send it via the appropriate form.
Our ADMIN will perform certain checks and, through the system, the GC coins will be awarded to the winner and some GC coins will be removed to the loser.

Why do I have to enter my data?
Your data is used to send boxed games or to redeem coupons

If I open more stream i earn more coins?
NOPE! Only one stream at time!

If I watch streaming from site counts as twitch's viewer?

The site works only with twitch?

Is the chat integrated?
YEP! You can find it under a spoiler like this one!

Why disable adblockers?
In this way we can keep the site up and give you every day new rewards